First Day in Hirschluch


We started our day exploring the venue with a very funny photo rallye. In this picture you see, how we presented our outcomes.


Then we formed four groups and thought of tasks for the others.Below you see, how it ended…


We had fun, fulfilling the tasks. Maybe you can guess, what we had to do (see in first and fourth picture)


In the video you see, how we hid little notes, where we wrote down the tasks for the other groups. We enjoyed collecting them. As you can see, everybody wanted to be first. Some impressions of the fullfillment of the tasks is added into the video.

Hirschluch 19-02-2018

This is the first time I came to Hirshluch as well first time in Germany. After the breakfast in the morning, we had our fist activity, which is based on exploring the site and we did like a type of treasure hunt, but finding a specific location that relates to the photos we got, and if we find it, we make a group photo.
Second activity is more of a game which is very similar between capture the flag or a game that have the similar rules as paintball, we splitted in 2 teams, the attackers and the defenders, the attackers will take the ball from the defenders and get back to their zone. Although its fun we spent a lot of time explaining about the game and the rules.
After that we had lunch and we rested for an hour, before the next activity. The next activity is quite insteresting: we split into small groups and we have to create tasks for the other groups, one task for each group,as we wrote the tasks individually, we went out and hid the papers somewhere so the others will find. Then we had some practice from these tasks that the other groups made and after that we went inside and did the tasks.We really enjoyed alot, but I really love this place because I made some new friends and hoping for more.



Our group #VXP chose the topic Portraits. We allowed ourselves to be led by our imagination. We wanted to show the differences and similarities between two locations. So the people on these pictures create the link between nature and technology.

V_1 V_2
Man is part of the nature and the technology.
X_2 X_1
Wherever we are, the world is overwhelmingly big.
P_1 P_2
Finding balance and freedom in an everyday life.

Berlin, Alexanderplatz

While we were planning our trip to Berlin, the sign for “Alexanderplatz” appeared. It shows the TV tower itself with the sphere and the antenna on top. For the amusement of all, the middle finger is used to imitate the antenna. Especially among the German participants a discussion about hand forms in German sign language started, because one does not show the middle finger like that in general. But despite this fact, the sign for “Alexanderplatz” is actually used like this. In the beginning some people tried to avoid this hand shape and described the TV tower differently. But later the sign “Alexanderplatz” was more and more established.



Emma asked a hearing person the following questions:
Emma: “Why do you want to learn sign language? “
Alex: “To widen my horizon. I am interested in all languages, but sign language is very different from spoken languages, because it seems so natural and logical.”

Emma: “Did you think, that there is only one international sign language or did you already know that each country/region has its own sign language?”
Alex: “No, I knew that there are different varieties of sign language.”

Emma: “What has changed since then?”
Alex: “I noticed that the several sign languages are less different than I supposed them to be, because deaf people from different countries can surprisingly well communicate.”